About Banday Impex (BIPL)

Banday Impex Pvt. Ltd. (BIPL) is a leading diversified group renowned for its commitment towards innovating premium quality products and services. We are a vibrant Company that provides consumers in J&K with products of global standards and is committed to long-term sustainable growth and quality. Headquartered in J&K (India), the Company insists on honesty, integrity and fairness in all aspects of its business. This has earned it the trust and respect and is acknowledged amongst Valley’s ‘Most Respected Companies’ and amongst the ‘Top Wealth Creators of J&K’. Constant Innovation, Stringent Quality and diversified products have made the BIPL Group a multi-crore brand since its launch.

BIPL Group forayed into food products in 1997 with the internationally acclaimed brand DIAMOND for Medicinal Herb like Saffron. Subsequently another brand REHMAT Spices, Pulses and Cosmetics was launched. We are a dominant player in all the sectors in which it operates. The Group has maintained its market leadership over the years. We are the only units in the trade to be awarded the prestigious ISO 9001: 2000, 22000 Certification. The Group’s remarkable growth and diversification has been achieved on account of emphasis on quality at all levels.

A value-driven corporate, BIPL group has further consolidated its position in the last few years through successful forays into sectors as diversified as FMCG and Construction.

The Company’s activities in the Valley have facilitated direct and indirect employment and provides livelihood to about one thousand people including farmers, suppliers of packaging materials, services and other goods. We are a responsible organization and facilitate initiatives that help to improve the quality of life in the communities where we operate.

The Company continuously focuses its efforts to better understand the changing lifestyles of Valley and anticipate consumer needs. The culture of innovation and renovation within the Company and extensive Research and Development facilities gives it a distinct advantage in these efforts. It helps the Company to create value that can be sustained over the long term by offering consumers a wide variety of high quality, safe products.




 Our Group Vision


Group Mission

We share the vision and belief that our customers shall be served only by creating and executing BIPL scenarios in the consumption space, leading to economic development. We will be the trendsetters in evolving delivery formats, creating standards, making consumption affordable for all customer segments – for classes and for masses.

Furthermore, we shall infuse our brands with confidence and renewed ambition. We shall be efficient, cost-conscious, and committed to quality in whatever we do. We shall ensure that our positive attitude, sincerity, humility and united determination shall be the driving force to make us successful.


BIPL Core Values

Confidence: in ourselves.
Leadership: to be a leader, both in thought and business.
Respect & Humility: to respect every individual and be humble in our conduct.
Introspection: leading to purposeful thinking.
Openness: to be open and receptive to new ideas, knowledge, and information.
Valuing and Nurturing Relationships: to build long term relationships.
Simplicity & Positivity: Simplicity and positivity in our thought, business, and action.
Adaptability: to be flexible and adaptable, to meet challenges.
Flow: to respect and understand the universal laws of nature.


 Corporate Statement 

 BIPL signifies optimism, growth, achievement, strength, quality, rewards, and perfection. BIPL encourages us to explore areas yet unexplored, write rules yet unwritten; create new opportunities and new successes. To strive for a glorious future, BIPL brings strength, ability to learn, unlearn and re-learn ability to evolve.

We, at BIPL do not wait for the BIPL to unfold itself but create BIPL scenarios in the consumer space and facilitate consumption because consumption is development. Thereby, we effect socio-economic development for our customers, employees, stakeholders, associates, and partners.

  • Our customers will not just get what they need, but also get them where, how and when they need.

  • We will not just post satisfactory results, we will write success stories.

  • We will not just operate efficiently in the Indian economy, we will evolve it.

  • Furthermore, we will not just spot trends; we will set trends by marrying our understanding of the Indian consumer to their needs of tomorrow.

  • It is this understanding that has helped us succeed. And it is this that will help us succeed in the BIPL.
    We shall keep relearning. And in this process, do just one thing. Rewrite Rules. Retain Values.

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